Statement on Anti-Black Racism

Posted On Monday June 01, 2020

Over the last week, we have been reminded of the impact that anti-Black racism has on individuals and communities – both here at home and in the United States. We recognize that community members are experiencing forms of racism, oppression, injustice and trauma every day. Being silent is being complicit in the racism, violence and attacks that the Black community, Indigenous and other racialized communities continue to experience. We must all stand together and listen, learn, confront and challenge anti-Black racism, racism and other forms of discrimination.

Students, staff, families and communities may be feeling a range of emotions, including anger, sadness, fear, vulnerability, helplessness and frustration. Emotions will vary based on our own lived experiences and are understandable when confronted with this trauma. The DDSB stands in solidarity with those impacted by these painful events and is dedicated to equity and inclusion throughout our schools.

Our emphasis on student voice is one of many ways that we respect and honour students and families’ identities and experiences, so that everyone has a voice in the actions we take as a system. However, we recognize that there is more work to do to address anti-Black racism and other forms of racism and discrimination. It is our expectation that every member of the DDSB community confronts racism, hate and oppression, as we continuously challenge ourselves to overhaul the structures and systems that perpetuate it.

We believe in the power of public education and are committed to protecting, respecting and promoting human rights, along with equitable and inclusive learning and working environments for all members of our school community.

Here is a list of books that you can use that can help you talk to your child(ren) about racism.